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Teradata University Network (TUN), in conjunction with Teradata (NYSE: TDC), gives students a taste of corporate reality through hands-on software experiences and case studies on some of the world’s largest companies. Through the TUN website, professors design assignments using databases with millions of records. TUN currently has more than 3,700 registered faculty members, from more than 2,700 universities in 124 countries.

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Teradata University Network is a free, web-based portal that provides teaching and learning tools that is used by more than 45,000 students around the world, majoring in everything from information systems, management or computer science to finance, marketing or accounting. The resources and content support everything from Introduction to IT at the undergraduate level to graduate and executive level courses in big data and analytics. A key to the success of Teradata University Network is that it is led by academics to ensure the content will meet the needs of today's classrooms.

TUN Board at PARTNERS 2017

"If universities are not teaching students the right technologies and tools, they cannot meet the needs of students or the practitioners that will need to hire them."

Ramesh Sharda

Oklahoma State University

Executive Director

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Welcome to the Teradata University Network, your world-class teaching and learning resource. The exploding demand for analytics professionals is fueled in part by companies’ increased focus on data-driven decision-making to grapple with the fast pace of change in the business world, and easier access to previously untapped data sources such as weblogs, social media interactions and sensors. TUN's goal is to train students to be breakthrough thinkers and doers who use data to create business value. Here you can find materials for your data warehousing, DSS/BI or database class, access knowledge and training materials from subject matter experts and connect with colleagues in the academic and business communities. Members have access to a variety of resources, including articles, assignments, book chapters, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, research reports, course syllabi and web seminars that are all provided at no cost.


"Clearly the challenges of preparing tomorrow's workforce are mounting. We see it in the expansion of Teradata University Network. More than 500 faculty from 176 new universities joined this year. We're now supporting more than 1,700 schools around the world in 98 countries. If you are not a member, we invite you to register today."

Ramesh Sharda

Oklahoma State University

TUN Executive Director

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The exploding demand for analytics professionals is fueled in part by companies’ increased focus on data-driven decision-making to grapple with the fast pace of change in the business world, and easier access to previously untapped data sources such as weblogs, social media interactions and sensors. Teradata University Network provides students access to software, assignments, case studies, articles, readings and other materials. Our intent is to build an analytic talent pipeline that Teradata and our customers can access to meet their critical need for skilled analytics professionals. On TUN students can access free online training to help them prepare to become skilled analytics employees. This site makes it easy for you to learn new skills, complete assigned homework, research topics and browse openings at Teradata and its customers. Contact your professor for the password (which changes annually) to log in and register.


"As professors, we’re concerned that our students graduate with not only the technical knowledge they need to be analytics professionals, but also the business understanding to put that knowledge to use. Certification is an important approach to help align what is taught in academe with what is needed by industry."

Michael Goul

Arizona State University

TUN Emeritus and former Executive Director

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New to TUN? Feel free to BROWSE and USE these resources before you register for full access!

BSI: Teradata is a fast-paced drama about a team of data warehousing and analytic specialists trained to solve business problems by examining data.  Here are a few of the episodes available on Teradata University Network, with supporting materials available after registration.

BSI Sports Analytics - Case of the Misconnecting Passengers (Episode 2)
Join the BSI team as they help Air London realize the value of real-time, integrated data and analytics to enable smarter decision-making from operations to gate agents. In the case of The Misconnecting Passengers, the BSI Team builds a dashboard and underlying rules engine using life-time value, profitability, passenger preferences, and PNR data to enhance rebooking processes and improve customer satisfaction. 

BSI Sports Analytics - Case of the Fragrant Sleeper Hit (Episode 5)
Greats Brands, a consumer good manufacturer, needs to solidify its Marketing and Production plans for the relaunch of Goldensoft, a skin care product. They come to BSI for help using social media in conjunction with point of sale data to determine how many units of each of five fragrances to manufacture. Sentiment analytics on tweets, coupled with a viral coupon campaign, save the day!

BSI Sports Analytics - Case of the Tainted Lasagna (Episode 11)
A major food producer that faces yet another recall. The government is pointing at Turkey Broccoli Lasagna as the culprit, so the Chief Risk Officer and Chief Supply Chain officer bring in BSI investigators to help them build a better/faster track and trace system, using Big Data analytics.

BSI Sports Analytics - Precision Football (Episode 13)
Shows how business school students help the football team by coming up with new predictive models for recruiting high school players. This 7-minute video shows how Bryant University coaches, faculty and students solve a coaching problem with analytics.


Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the world's leading analytic data solutions company focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications. Teradata's innovative products and services deliver data integration and business insight to empower organizations to make the best possible decisions and achieve competitive advantage. Visit teradata.com for details. 

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Teradata University Network Announces Winners of Global Student Competitions

Teradata (NYSE:  TDC), the leading data and analytics company, today announced the winners of its annual student competitions, which attracted 41 submissions from 23 universities throughout the world. The 16 finalist teams, selected by a committee of Teradata executives as well as select members of the  Teradata University Network (TUN) academic board, presented their work at the Teradata’s PARTNERS Conference and winners were announced on Oct. 25, 2017.

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TUN Student Competitions Finalists & Winners in the News!

Teradata University Network’s 4th annual Student Competitions finalists and winners are featured in their universities’ publications. Check them out below!

 California State University Fullerton  

 Loyola University Chicago  

 University of Massachusetts Lowell  

 University of North Carolina Charlotte  

*If you (or your students) were finalists, winners, or honorable mentions, and you were featured in any publications, please send the link to the TUN team and we will post the link here! 

TUN Student Competitions

Teradata University Network’s 4th annual Student Competitions was held during the 2017 Teradata PARTNERS Conference in Anaheim, CA. Students selected for the competition finals had the opportunity to showcase their findings through both formal presentations and poster/demo sessions.

With over 41 submissions this year, we selected 7 finalists for the Data Challenge and 9 finalists for the Analytics Challenge. They presented their work at the Teradata PARTNERS Conference in Anaheim, CA this October, and the winners have been announced here!  

CONGRATULATIONS to all finalists and winners!