TUN Board Member Receives AIS Lifetime Achievement Award

  • With less than a week before the PARTNERS 2017 Conference, we would like to reiterate that Teradata provides limited numbers of discounted passes ($350 for students and $600 for faculty*) who are interested in attending in person. Please click here to register ASAP!

    For those who are unable to attend in person, we are proud to offer the three-day PARTNERS Virtual Conference for free from October 23-25. Click here to register to view live-streaming sessions, ask questions, network with peers, and more!

    *Valid student ID and faculty credentials are required to pick up your badge  

  • We have revamped our Marketing and Computer Science resources! Please check them out here:

    TUN Marketing Gateway
    TUN Computer Science Gateway

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  • Teradata Aster is now available! Through the Aster Community, you and your students will have access to the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform through Aster Express. Aster includes the SQL-GRtm graph analytic engine, SQL and SQL-MapReduce analytic engines, an HDFS compatible Aster Data Store, integrated with the Aster Seamless Network Analytics Processing (SNAP) framework.

  • The TUN Sports Analytics initiative helps faculty and students learn how teams across a variety of sports - baseball, basketball, American football, hockey, and soccer - can use analytics to improve customer management and team operations.  Watch the BSI Football episode by clicking here. Read Dr Dave’s interview of Chris Calo of the Cincinnati Reds here.
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    1. Sports Analytics - What to Read  
    2. Sports Analytics - Where to Find Sports Data Sets  
    3. Sports Analytics - Research and Capstone Project Ideas  
  • This 7 minute video shows how Bryant University coaches, faculty and students solve a coaching problem with analytics.

  • If you're planning on a career in analytics, Bill Franks' latest blog post is for you. Great insights on what makes a successful analytics pro: http://bit.ly/1U2iTyh

  • This is a list of of the Analytics programs at various universities around the world.

  • Student Certification Program Available Teradata University Network is offering FREE web-based certification training  for students seeking to make themselves job-ready candidates for analytic data jobs or a wide range of other jobs that today require data-driven decision-making.

  • SAS Visual Analytics (SAS VA) is now available As you already know, one of the benefits of Teradata University Network (TUN) is access to the latest business analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing and database management technologies, and related teaching materials, completely free of charge.