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FINAL PRESENTATIONS: October 22–23, Anaheim, CA

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2017 TUN Data Challenge Business Questions

Here are some of the business questions from Rise Against Hunger that they would like to look into and begin to explore and possibly answer:

Daily Operations / Tactical

  • Who are their recurring Event Hosts?
  • Who are their recurring Donors?
  • What fields or calculations based on fields might help them flag when a host or donor is at risk of leaving? In other words, how can the organization flag relationships in need of direct contact/engagement?
  • What segmentations should they be tracking and marketing to based on the data provided?
  • What segmentations should they add or start tracking? 

Strategic / Trends

  • Are they increasing giving amounts year over year?
  • Do those increases or decreases vary based on donor level? What are the levels ($ amount cutoffs)?
  • Are there patterns/trends in their event hosts who are hosting along with Rise Against Hunger?
  • Connections between volunteering at events and donating?
  • What fields are predictive or certain outcomes?

Overall, they are interested in learning more about their data to determine what to pay more attention to, and what other data they might want to collect and use. Guidance and advice on how to add / improve segmentations for example, would be of great help, in addition to analysis of the actual data itself.