2016 PARTNERS Conference

Teradata PARTNERS Conference - Sept. 11 - 15, Atlanta GA

If you dream about, work with, or are inspired by data, and you want to be a part of the community that is using data to transform the world for the better, you need to attend the Teradata PARTNERS Conference. Teradata PARTNERS is the premier, customer-led global data conference. For five solid days PARTNERS brings together 6,000 of the world’s most advanced data and analytics experts and business leaders. They come from top brands across industries and every role in the enterprise to discuss, share, and discover how to drive more value from data. 

Special academic rates for the entire conference are available for faculty ($600) and students ($350) to attend. In addition, Teradata University Network Student and Faculty Scholarship programs support academics interested in attending the Teradata PARTNERS Conference in Atlanta, GA, September 11-15, 2016. Details on scholarships are below and the application deadline is June 1st!

Teradata University Network Announces 2016 Student Competitions Finalists and Scholarship Programs Recipients

TUN Student Competition Finalists

For the past two years, Teradata University Network has offered student competitions and scholarship programs to provide faculty and students an opportunity to attend the Teradata PARTNERS Conference and Expo. Teradata University Network is excited to announce the finalists for both of our 2016 Competitions.


The goal of the Analytics Challenge is to provide students with an opportunity to present their business analytics research or application cases to professionals in the business analytics community.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 Analytics Challenge FINALISTS and their teams!

CSU Fullerton (Misty Vogt)
Loyola University Chicago (Mit Patel)
National University of Singapore (Andre Tan)
Oklahoma State Univ. (Bhargav Molaka)
UNC Charlotte (Divya Ravi)
UNC Charlotte (Niharika Naga)
UNC Charlotte (Anand Niranjan)
University of Nevada LV (Christopher Girard) 
University of Cincinnati (Chaithanya Samudrala)
University of Oklahoma (Thaung Myint)

In our second annual Data Challenge competition, all student teams were provided with the same data set and questions from our non-profit partner Hire Heroes USA. The teams analyzed the data and business question provided and presented their findings and results. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 Data Challenge FINALISTS and their teams!

Carnegie Mellon University (Bhavkaran Singh)
Loyola University Chicago (Tavya Vollan)
Missouri University of Science and Technology (Amartya Sen)
NIDA Business School (Varut Prateepvattanavit)
UNC Charlotte (Vrushali Sawant)
UNC Charlotte (Scott Withers)
University of Waterloo (Jennifer Lo)

In addition to the above finalists, we have also selected 7 students/team from the Analytics Challenge and 13 students/team from the Data Challenge to receive HONORABLE MENTIONS for their outstanding work. Please click here for details!

2016 TUN Scholarships

Below are the recipients of the 2016 Scholarship Program!

*Please note that FINALISTS (one main presenter and one faculty advisor) automatically received complimentary passes to PARTNERS 2016. This list consists of students who were not selected as finalists but applied for a scholarship.

Each of these students will be receiving a complimentary pass to PARTNERS 2016 conference.

Hawaii Pacific University (Yulisa Briggs, Craig Riley)
Mississippi State University (Brittany Johns)
National University of Singapore (Jingchuan Lin)    
North Carolina State University (Akram Al-Kholaidi)    
Purdue University (Kewa Mei)
University of Memphis (Deidre Chewning)
University of Idaho (Rick Daniels)
University of North Carolina Greensboro (Derek Moore)
University of South Carolina (Annie Pearson, Jeffrey Phillips)

We are also awarding TUN scholarship to these faculty members and they also will be receiving a complimentary pass to PARTNERS 2016 conference.

Virginia State University (Ephrem Eeyob)
Mississippi State University (Stephen France)
California State University San Marcos (Kristin Stewart)