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MicroStrategy is the founding Business Intelligence vendor to participate in the TUN program. The MicroStrategy site through TUN allows faculty to educate and train their students on the latest in BI technology. Faculty can use MicroStrategy's resources to provide students with a real-world look into how a 4-tier BI platform works with online training, demos and tutorials to explore reporting and analysis in key functional areas such as customer, financial, sales force, and sales & distribution analysis. Universities can enrich their business intelligence course offerings with MicroStrategy and teach students about BI in a tangible way, providing valuable experience that students can take directly into the workplace.

Since 1989, MicroStrategy has helped businesses make better decisions through better insight from their data. The MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platform offers an integrated solution to all business data query, reporting and advanced analytical needs, and distributes insight to users at their desks and on-the-go. For thousands of satisfied customers worldwide and hundreds of technology and integration partners, MicroStrategy delivers the most powerful, complete solution for business intelligence.



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