IBM Watson Analytics

In a continuing effort to help give students a competitive edge in the workforce, we are pleased to announce a new partnership between IBM Watson Analytics and Teradata University Network. Through this new relationship, IBM will provide access to Watson Analytics for every student or faculty member that is registered with the Teradata University Network.

At a time where employers expect individuals at all levels of the organization to use raw data for new insights, the more prepared students are to deliver results and insights, the better! We encourage you to take advantage of this exclusive offer extended to us.

What is Watson Analytics?

Watson Analytics is truly about smart data discovery. It is a cloud-based analytics service that enables a business user to be a “citizen data scientist” and easily find answers within their own data. It automates the process of going from business question to actionable insights and reduces dependence on scarce analytics expertise. The easy-to-use interface combined with natural language interactions and cognitive capabilities guide you through advanced analytics so you can answer questions and discover new insights. A combination of exploration, discovery and visualizations enables you to create clear and compelling stories that lead you to the right conclusions and drive a common, forward-looking view of your business.


To get started, click here and register. You will receive an activation e-mail to get into your account. *You must use your University e-mail address when registering.*

Faculty Members

Please contact our Program Administrator at for more information about securing your special Faculty Edition License.